The role of time and risk preferences in job search

Marie-Claire Villeval, Maxime Le Bihan, Quentin Thévenet

The project aims at providing an in-depth study of the effects of time and risk preferences on job search. It is based on the elicitation of job seekers’ preferences and the identification of their impact on job search behavior, using both experimental and survey measures. Specifically, the project will test whether job seekers discount their utility streams quasi-hyperbolically, which may include present bias and procrastination (delaying effort to future dates). The elicitation of risk preferences will allow us to evaluate the distribution of risk attitudes among job seekers and assess how risk aversion affects job search.

Membres du projet :
  • Marie-Claire Villeval, CNRS-GATE
  • Maxime le Bihan, GATE

État du projet : en cours

Ce projet est financé par la chaire Sécurisation des Parcours Professionnels.